St. Lawrence PC

Bridgeview Anti-Ligature Renovations

Project No: 339580

Project Manager: Michael Chamberlin


​MacCormick SC
Rehab Bathrooms and Replace Roof- HVAC
OGS Project No. 45288-H
​Project Manager: Kevin Leubner

Current Projects

Not Currently Bidding 

​​Bid Date:               Bid Time: 

Hutchings PC
Site Manhole Sump Pump replacement

Project No. 353610

Project Manager: Kevin Leubner

​Sunmount DDSO
Replace Steam & Condensate Piping

Project No. 359160
​Project Manager: Kevin Leubner

Projects Bidding

SUNY Upstate Medical University
Main Boiler Plant Combustion Ventilation and RO System

Project No. 45665-H

Project Manager: TBD

Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.

NYS Certified WBE


Great Meadow Correctional Facility
Provide Facility-Wide CCTV/ Audio Monitoring System & Record

Project Manager: Kevin Leubner

Gouverneur Correctional Facility
Rehab Exterior Heating System Stanchion Supports

​Project No. M3108H

Project Manager: Kevin Leubner

NYS School for the Blind
Provide Boiler Replacement
Project No. J1342-H
​Project Manager: James Burnard​